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Discover your next great idea at Catlayst. Perfect for motivated entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. Our coworking space is professionally managed and includes a range of amenities and services to suit your needs. 


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Commercial Space For Rent In Ottawa

At Merkburn Holdings, we own and manage close to one million square feet of commercial and industrial properties in the Ottawa region. Our diversified real estate portfolio includes office space for lease and rent, ideal manufacturing and production facilities, as well as a variety of warehouses and showroom space, all only a short distance from downtown Ottawa, Ontario.

For over 50 years, the real estate professionals at Merkburn Holdings have taken pride in connecting business owners with the commercial space they need to succeed. But more than that, we’ve also made it a priority to work collaboratively with our tenants, helping them design and build their own success stories within our walls.

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Whether you’re interested in acquiring a new office space for lease to accommodate your growing business or a new warehouse to store your goods in or around Ottawa Ontario, Merkburn Holdings can help. We’ve always gone above and beyond for our clients, doing more than simply providing commercial space for rent.

At Merkburn Holdings, we develop deep and lasting business relationships with our tenants in order to be partners in their success as they grow. Our commercial real estate solutions provide business owners of all sizes the space they need to succeed. 

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A Wealth of Experience

Merkburn Holdings has decades of experience in commercial real estate for all property types. We’ve been investing and managing commercial real estate for decades, and we know that as a tenant’s requirements grow, so must their space. For that reason, Merkburn Holdings can easily facilitate their expansion by building new, expanded quarters to accommodate their growth. Whether your property type requires an additional office space or warehouse space, we’re prepared to accommodate you.

We do more than help clients choose their ideal property type or commercial real estate location – we are proud to help them design the space that will best suit their needs. It’s no surprise that our commitment to helping tenants achieve their business objectives has resulted in many long-term relationships. They trust us to work with their best interests in mind, acting as partners and not just landlords. Click here for our list of available commercial spaces and office spaces for rent in and around the Ottawa area.

A Property Type for All Your Business Needs

Merkburn Holdings is proud to offer a property type for any commercial space needs, from office spaces to industrial locations. For a partner, you can count on, trust Merkburn Holdings. We’ll not only connect you with an ideal property suited to match the needs of your business, we’ll be with you every step of the way as you grow.

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Celebrating 50 years in business

Friends, family and colleagues gathered at the National Arts Centre Friday September 20th to celebrate a milestone for one of Ottawa’s long-standing commercial real estate firms as Merkburn Holdings celebrated five decades of...

New Tenant – Empress Effects Inc.

Merkburn Holdings would like to welcome a new tenant  Empress Effects Inc. to our building at 62 Steacie Drive

New Tenant – Capital Audit Services

Merkburn Holdings would like to welcome a new tenant  Capital Audit Services to our building at 1827 Woodward Drive

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