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At Merkburn Holdings, we are committed to providing professional property management services to help meet the needs of commercial real estate investors.

Over the years, our experience has taught us the importance of maintaining a property to ensure it’s value in the market place is maximized and to ensure tenants have a safe and healthy environment to operate their business from.  This approach helps to provide peace of mind to both landlords and tenants.Instead of getting bogged down in the mundane details of day-to-day property upkeep, you can devote your time and attention to where it is needed most. 

We offer a comprehensive set of property management services for investors in commercial real estate.  Designed to be flexible, we can build a plan customized to meet your business’ needs, whether you own a single commercial office, mixed use or industrial building or multiple properties.  We can help you achieve your goals with your investment.

If you’re a property owner interested in simplifying your life, learn how Merkburn Holdings can help you free up some of your most valuable resource – your time.

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Property Management Services For Business Owners and Real Estate Investors


Competitive Pricing

The cost of operating a commercial building is a large component of any business’ budget, so Merkburn Holdings always strives to keep building operating costs as competitive as possible, all while maintaining the highest building standards.

Our management fees are competitive in the industry and can be customized to suit your needs and required level of service.  We are able to do this and our added value is keeping your building costs to reasonable levels, while managing your properties the same way a prudent owner would, in a responsible, diligent manner.

Increase the Value of Your Real Estate

After a half-century in the industry, we know that proper commercial property management can make a huge impact on the value of a real estate investment. Engaging property management specialists to attend to day-to-day responsibilities will help you realize your investment and business objectives and give you more time to focus on your personal priorities. 

If you’re a landlord, a real estate investor, or a business that owns its own property, let Merkburn Holdings help you get the most out of your investment.

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Professional Services

Our on-call maintenance service covers general repairs on all building systems and deals with the daily calls from tenants. Through regular visits to your property, we help identify and manage larger periodic maintenance projects.

Merkburn Holdings manages the contracts for all building services such as:

  • Snow Removal and Landscaping  
  • HVAC Repairs & Maintenance
  • Cleaning/Janitorial Services 
  • Garbage removal/Bin services
  • Elevator servicing
  • Security/Fire protection/monitoring
  • Building and property insurance

Merkburn Holdings also specializes in property assessment. Working in collaboration with property tax consultants, we ensure your property is not over-assessed or over-taxed.

Our industry knowledge can help us advise you on the commercial rents being charged to your clients, ensuring they remain reasonable and competitive within the marketplace.

For larger projects (e.g. roofing, paving, tenant fit-ups, major internal or external renovations) Merkburn Holdings can provide the following:

  • Identifying the scope of work
  • Putting the right team in place
  • Obtaining / overseeing the bidding process
  • Managing the projects start to finish

We provide budgeting services that keep track of building, project, and operational costs. Along with providing both quarterly statements and annual reviews, we also offer:

  • Rent Collection
  • Payment of Invoices (such as maintenance contracts, utilities, insurance, property taxes, etc)

We provide general tenant relation services, taking care of lease negotiations, renewals, and other matters.

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Merkburn tenants also benefit from the highest-quality property management. Our commitment to customer service means we will quickly attend to your needs and allow you to focus on your business and help you to find your success.

Creating Safe and Healthy Environments

Not only do we seek to create a healthy and desirable workplace for our tenants we also make sure to do what’s most important, which is to be there in a timely manner when you need us.

Managing your growth and success

Merkburn Holdings can facilitate a physical expansion by modifying or expanding a tenant’s current space.  We have a diversified portfolio of properties and we can help you find creative ways to maximize the use of your space 

A Turnkey Solution For Your Business

Merkburn Holdings is proud to work hand in hand with its clients and tenants to create, worry-free solutions for your business requirements.

Come design your company’s success within our walls today!


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